23rd October 3:30pm

Meet the new Mayor of Randwick and the student team as they cut the ribbon.


Line markings are painted. The spaces look amazing. Only days away. Final testing of software.


Installation of hard ware completed - check out the flashing lights --ohh



Discussion with the Ritz Cinemas, big news coming for movie loving EV users..  :)


Installation scheduled for 23rd September


15.8.19 -

SCS announces the project is a green light and approves installation

1.7.19 - 

BCR student team WIN  the Randwick Council's Schools Environment Grant. Matching funding support approved.

25.6.19 - 

BCR student team pitch final project concept to Brigidine Executive seeking funding support and approval to proceed  and apply for the Randwick Council's Schools Environment Grant



February - April 19 -

Further project development with social media links and community business opportunities explored 


23.1.19 - 

Winning Tender announced - Congratulations to EVSE

13.11.18 - 

Tender Documents arrive and evaluated by BCR student team. Sent to Randwick Council Sustainability management for third party assessment.

November.18 -

BCR Student team design tender document and sends out to 3 selected EV charging point companies.


10.10.18 -

BCR student team pitch the project to SCS convincing them of the educational, economical and environmental benefits of the project.  SCS allows the team to proceed and to manage the tender process.



May - June18 -

BCR student team develop concept in their Vocational Education Training (VET) IDMT classes.  Further concept development and research & analysis of the technology investigated. Back- end management options identified as critical for key metrics.

April.18 -

Conversations begin with SCS. More information regarding energy and cost impact requested. Investigation and analysis of Wilson car park begins.

10.3.18 -

BCR  Vocational Education Training (VET) Information & Digital Media Technology (IDMT) students team up and pitch the concept to Brigidine Executive seeking permission to discuss the idea with Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS). Approval granted

16.3.18 -

Year 11 students spark the concept of EV charging at schools whilst competing in Innovateen event 

The Future is Electric photo1.jpg